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We have a great selection of mainly
British autographs, covering comedy,
film, television and music.

Autographs for sale, celebrity items that are all from my own private collection, I have collected autographs for around 40 years. This site has just been updated, but I have been selling genuine autographed items online for around 10 years. All the signed items I offer for sale have either been collected in person or carefully sourced from reputable auction houses or from private sellers, many of whom have contacted me directly through this site.

There are no certificates or recognised qualifications to authenticate an autograph, experience is the key to been able to confirm if an item is authentic or not.
Even recognised dealers and specialist auction houses have been known to get this wrong. I will provide a certificate for any item I sell and will always check it thoroughly before I list it. Like all other sellers I check the authenticity of an item by comparing with similar items that are known to be genuine. The story behind the autograph ( known as provenance ) is also important. Some autograph dealer sites claim that there are lots of fake autographs around, this is a good way of making you buy from them at higher prices! It is however true there are a lot of fakes around, particularly with online auction sites that specialise in selling goods, both second hand and new. These sites are not doing anything wrong letting people sell autographs, as they (the selling shop) cannot verify whether it’s right or wrong they rightly add the tagline buyer beware!
They can only take on trust an item being sold, it is also true that many items will be sold by people assuming the to be genuine!

A ‘secretarial’ for instance is a signature that a person working for a celebrity will sign on their behalf. I had an old autograph book that had been handed in to an assistant outside ‘s hotel room, it was taken inside and Marilyn was in the room at the time, but the secretary signed it for her. The collector rightly assumed it was genuine, but sadly it was not ( so close, but yet so far ). A facsimile is a print of a signature, this is much easier to work out, a print does look quite different to a genuine signature. Lastly, an auto pen this was popular in America with astronauts and politicians – just one signature needed and then the machine can just duplicate on to any item!

It really is up to the buyer, when they see a rare item selling at a very low price then the alarm signals should be ringing out. My suggestion is wherever you buy your autographs, you should always look up similar items to compare and look at what the going rate is for that item. As I said, I do check all my items and will issue a full refund if an item I sell is proven to be not genuine. Thankfully, most of the ones I sell are rarely of interest to the people that deal in fake signatures. They tend to stick to the market where they can sell quickly and remain anonymous.

As a way of funding the site, our site has an associates link with Amazon. Clicking on a link will take you to the Amazon site, if you decide to purchase an item we will earn a small percentage – if you do, we thank you!

Tony de Whytell
Store owner
December 2016