Fawlty Towers on Gogglebox

It was good to see the laughing and enjoyment of all the generations watching Fawlty Towers on Gogglebox last night, we know they all over act and enhance their reactions to everything they watch, but it just showed why Basil Fawlty will live on in TV history. is a classic British comedy that is known worldwide!

Autographs as an investment

Investing in autographs There are many interesting hobbies around, but not many that show a steady growth in value. More to the point, anyone can invest in autographs, you can collect them for free or buy them, starting from as little as £1.00 in to many thousands of pounds. Most items grow in value, unlike … [Read more…]

Updated Autograph Site

This site in under construction. After around 10 years, it’s an overdue upgrade to make the site more responsive and able to work better with mobile phones and tablets. I hope you enjoy the new site, it will be much easier to navigate through once completed. all the best Tony Site owner

Autograph Site Blog

Welcome to the British Comedy Autographs online store. Sit back and relax and enjoy looking at some of my autographs, if you just want to look and not buy that’s fine. But if you want to buy an item that would be great, I try to describe as best I can but if you