Autographs as an investment

Investing in autographs

There are many interesting hobbies around, but not many that show a steady growth in value. More to the point, anyone can invest in autographs, you can collect them for free or buy them, starting from as little as £1.00 in to many thousands of pounds.

Most items grow in value, unlike a lot of things we buy!

Signed photos of your favourite film star, singer, actor, author – you can display them as a talking point and if you decide you no longer want it, sell it at a profit!

If you feel you just want to browse this site for fun, feel free – you could always try the National Lottery and if you win come back and buy the ones you liked most.

My tips to buy, for the best future growth potential are: Monty Python, JK Rowling, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Star Wars items.

This article was first published around two years ago, if you had bought a David Bowie autograph then you would have made a sound investment, I think the value has quadrupled since his untimely death ( a great loss to the world ).

The same names above are still holding firm prices, but you should buy for enjoyment not just with a view to making money!


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